Challenge, context & objectives

Dove became the no. 2 female deodorant on the basis of skincare superiority. But as other brands moved into our skincare space, sales growth and brand equity started to decline. Hence our challenge: how could we go beyond superior skincare and actually get women to 'care' about Dove? How could we disrupt a notoriously low-interest category and get women to see us as an emotionally engaging brand that reflected their lives and needs?

Dove entered the deodorant category in 1997 with a functional point of difference: ¼ moisturizing cream to provide care for underarm skin. This provided a strong contrast to leading competitors such as Rexona (Sure), Nivea and Mitchum who focused on sweat and odour protection.

Dove's advertising communicated superior care by using testimonials from 'real women' talking about how Dove not only protected against sweat but also cared for their underarm skin after hair removal.