In March 2019, iHeartMedia launched the second season of “Spit” – a podcast it created in partnership with 23andMe, a company that provides genetics and ancestry tests.

Hosted by writer/comedian Baratunde Thurston, this audio series examines “the very meaning of identity” through conversations with celebrities, business leaders, and experts from various scientific disciplines.

By way of illustration, previous installments have featured:

  • country star Tim McGraw, Tracey Brown, CEO of the American Diabetes Association, and Julia Hu, CEO/co-founder at Lark Health, an enterprise that uses artificial intelligence to prevent and manage chronic diseases;
  • musician John Legend talking to Anne Wojcicki, the CEO/co-founder of 23andMe, about his ancestors who were slaves;
  • actor Rita Wilson, Dr. Laura Esserman, director of the University of California, San Francisco breast-care clinic, discussing breast cancer;
  • Pete Wentz, singer from the band Fall Out Boy and Dr. Robert Green of the Broad Institute, part of MIT and Harvard, focusing on genetics and determinism.