KFC has endured some tricky moments in the UK in recent times, not least in 2018, when the fast food brand’s distribution network failed, forcing restaurants to close. For the company’s marketing team, however, aside from this occasional spot of crisis management, the primary focus has been on tackling more stubborn brand perception concerns.

The brand is well-established in the country: it has opened over 950 restaurants since arriving half a century ago and employs 28,000 people. Yet, despite near-universal recognition, a few years ago the brand found itself in a “quite a troubled trading environment”, according to Jack Hinchliffe, KFC’s UK and Ireland Marketing Director.

Speaking at DCM’s Cinema Media Showcase (London, July 2019), Hinchliffe outlined a company being “squeezed in the middle” – on the one side by mid-market dining chains such as Nando’s, Wagamama and Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and on the other by home delivery apps like Deliveroo.