Campaign details

Brand: Aldi
Advertiser: Aldi
Agency: Havas Denmark
Country: Denmark

Campaign Summary

In Denmark, the distribution of flyers was poised to be taken over by one single company, creating a monopolistic situation that would inevitably translate itself into a steep price increase, calculations put the increase at 40%.

Seeing that flyer distribution was a massive operation in which Aldi was ''carpet flyering'' (dropping a flyer in every household in any given neighborhood) in every city where there was an Aldi Supermaket without any regard to targeting, the 40% increase would not be sustainable.

We needed to develop a much more intelligent and cost reduced way to distribute our flyers, we needed to find a way to distribute the flyers in areas where we knew they would convert in business for Aldi, where people would read them and use them, we needed to pinpoint and target our distribution.