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Brand: Wonderbly
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The Wonderbly's story so far…

This is the story of how Wonderbly, previously known as Lost My Name, the company that creates personalised books for children, is reinventing the way in which the publishing business operates. It is achieving this by combining the power of customer Insight with an agile approach to planning advertising across both digital and traditional channels. This data driven focus has made advertising the engine for growing the business and culminated in the sale of over three million personalised books and revenue of over £70 million since launch, with Wonderbly's econometric model demonstrating a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of £1.77 from paid media, over a two-year period of analysis.

This paper looks at the past two years, a period of exponential growth for Wonderbly and will provide strong evidence that media spend drives Wonderbly's orders, with total media investment contributing 73% of sales.