Summary: Alleviating fear through community

Having created the small SUV category, Toyota was now ready to push its RAV4 even further by introducing a more rugged model. The RAV4 Adventure Grade was designed to make the outdoors accessible to all. The only problem was that we had a segment of drivers who had a very complex and deeply emotional issue with the notion of the outdoors being "accessible to all."

While it's commonly accepted that the great outdoors belongs to all of us, many African Americans have a deep aversion to the outdoors. An unfortunate legacy of slavery, Jim Crow and racial violence has shaped their view of the "great outdoors" and who should - and can - have access to it. Toyota needed to introduce their new vehicle, but more importantly, they needed to find a way to make their African American drivers feel welcomed in the outdoors.

So, we created a campaign that was able to deconstruct those fears and help African American drivers to overcome them with humor and a sense of community. We recreated horror movie tropes that allowed the versatile features of the RAV4 Adventure Grade to shine through in heroic fashion while also demystifying the notion of exploring the great outdoors.