The 2017 election produced a result that confounded politicians, commentators and pollsters alike. As the dust settles, what are the main lessons for marketers, asks Deborah Mattinson?

  1. We live in a divided nation, and one that is increasingly hard to read as a whole
  2. The final result – 42.4% for the Conservatives and 40% for Labour – saw the main parties achieve a combined share that we haven't seen since the 1970s. However, this herding sits alongside marked societal divisions that first emerged after the EU referendum and are now even more magnified. They reveal deep attitudinal differences on social issues such as feminism, patriotism and gay rights. These differences are so entrenched that it may be hard for either main party to win an overall majority any time soon, even before factoring in Scotland – effectively a different election driven by different issues. It is tricky for any marketer who aspires to speak to the whole nation.

  3. Those divisions are marked by stark demographics, particularly age and education level