Campaign details

Brand: Biti's Kids
Lead Agency: Redder Advertising
Region: Vietnam



The national footwear brand wanted to go beyond the functional story.

Biti’s, the Vietnam no.1 footwear brand since 1982 and regarded as one of the most popular national brands, desires to increase the brand power and brand love among the nation and the people, and step closer to becoming an iconic brand standing for and supporting the important culture values for the Vietnamese people.

So our objective was to increase brand top-of-mind and brand love by launching a meaningful work getting the whole nation talk about and appreciate Biti’s as standing for and supporting the country’s core culture values.

Target Audience

Key target consumer: Vietnamese parents nationwide, who have kids 3-10 years old, care about educating the kids about the country’s important culture values. Internet is the first place for them to go to when they need information, especially for taking care of their children (Mobile and Search; and 74% access internet via smart phones (Source: 3D 3016).