Campaign details

Brand: Citroën
Lead Agency: MediaCom
Region: LATAM



Our goal was to find new leads of potential C4 Lounge buyers through a 100% mobile media strategy, and ultimate increase Citroën's market share. We understand mobile as a great media to reach users individually and, with this in mind, we wanted our campaign to include the maximum level of personalization. To achieve this, we had to show the audience we understood their needs and took into account their preferences, building a "mobile first to mobile last" connection that drove them to take action into buying a C4 Lounge.

Filling out a form on mobile can be uncomfortable: the keyboard and screen are small, plus if you are in motion there is no time to fill out a long and complicated form. Lead forms with several fields were originally designed for desktop. So, when advertisers usually try to apply what works on larger screens to mobile phones they are not fully understanding the specifics of this media. That's why lead collection on mobile can fall short and campaigns fail. Car companies traditionally look for leads with desktop campaigns, and while they invest in mobile advertising, a lead campaign has never been effective enough to justify a 100% mobile investment.

Target Audience