7-Eleven Malaysia: Gila-Gila with 7-Eleven

Brand: 7-Eleven Malaysia
Agency: Orion Social Media Malaysia


Gila-Gila with 7-Eleven was an all-year long social media campaign that ran from 1st February 2015 until 31st January 2016 on 7-Eleven Malaysia's Facebook Page. There are 12 different themes throughout the campaign to make it interesting for the Facebook fans and attractive prizes to win at the end of each month.


As one of the largest convenience stores in Malaysia, 7-Eleven Malaysia was inspired to be the best in its industry and continuously growing to reach out to their targeted demographic. Hence, Gila-Gila with 7-Eleven was formulated with the main objective being - "To create a fun social media campaign that is simple and straightforward to reward the consumers or fans for their creative participation and re-positioning the brand as young and engaging brand in the market.'