Volkswagen Sharan: Film - 'Condoms' (Mexico)

Contains the film creative 'Condoms' for Volkswagen Sharan by the agency Gibert DDB in Mexico.


Agency: Gibert DDB, Mexico CityCreative Director: Raul Cardos/Sebastian Arrechedera/ Yosu AranguenaCopywriter: Carlos Brambila/Esau VazquezArt Director: Mauricio Davila/Rodrigo Tovar/Vivana CardenasAgency Producer: Julieta HaroProduction Company: Garcia Bross y Asociados, Mexico City Simon Bross Beto Bross A man slips out of bed in the middle of the night and sneaks into the bathroom. His wife slumbers on. He closes the door gently and gets the condoms from the cupboard under the sink. He takes a pin and proceeds to poke holes in them. Cut to super: "Family required". Volkswagen Sharan.