Volkswagen Spacefox: Film - 'Dog-Fish' (Brazil)

Contains the film creative 'Dog-Fish' for Volkswagen Spacefox by the agency AlmapBBDO in Brazil.


Agency: AlmapBBDO, Sao PauloCreative Director: Luiz Sanches / Dulcídio CaldeiraCopywriter: Gustavo SarkisArt Director: Renato FernandezAgency Producer: Egisto Betti / Andre SoaresProduction Company: Rebolucion, Buenos AiresDirector: Armando BoProducer: Pato Alvarez / Jorge Larrain If you were a surfer, what would be your ideal pet? A dog-fish, of course! The protagonist of this spot is the owner of one of these strange creatures. It swims like a fish but waddles out of the water on four legs when he whistles. When he goes out surfing, it leaps and plunges right beside him. It chases cats - and also gets chased by them. Occasionally it gets tangled in fishing nets. But most of all, it loves sticking its head out of the window of his speeding car. The VW Spacefox: whatever you can imagine, fits in.