THE WRONG KIND OF VIRAL: Evan Wilt was once the most hated man on the Internet after a photo, shared by his girlfriend Haley, showed him savagely biting into a KitKat® bar. Rather than breaking off a KitKat® "finger" Evan simply took one jaws-sized bite out of the entire bar. The Internet (naturally) had a strong reaction. One commenter wondered, "Does he eat a banana sideways?" The man was uncivilized. Others, including CNN's Jake Tapper, demanded that Haley "dump him immediately." Jake was not alone. In a Twitter poll, 52% of KitKat® fans voted that Evan had committed a relationship deal breaker.

In recent years, a rebellious trend emerged: rule breakers—such as MLB star Giancarlo Stanton —who bite, not break, their KitKat® bars. The trend has sparked a heated online controversy with memes, YouTube videos and Twitter threads dedicated to snuffing out the monsters who savagely bite their KitKat® bars.