Campaign details

Advertiser: Taiwan FamilyMart
Brand: Taiwan FamilyMart
Agency: Ogilvy Public Relations Taiwan
Country: Taiwan

Situation analysis

Taiwan has the highest density of convenience stores in the world. A convenience store can be found once every 500 meters, and total sales are as high as US$96.3 billion a year (Source: Directorate- General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) of Executive Yuan, R.O.C.(Taiwan), 2016).People in Taiwan can't live without convenience stores, where much of life takes place, from dining to mailing packages to buying tickets, and even banking. Once a neighborhood has a convenience store, it has all the services needed for a complete community. In another words, whichever convenience store brand can become the center of the community will become the industry leader.

7-Eleven and FamilyMart are the two leading brands in Taiwan's convenience store industry. In 2016, 7-Eleven had 5,000 stores, far more than FamilyMart's 3,000. (Source: 7-Eleven & FamilyMart official websites) Moreover, for six consecutive years 7-Eleven has had a good lead over FamilyMart in brand awareness and preference. (Source: Taiwan CommonWealth magazine 2016 Golden Service Awards) In recent years, 7-Eleven has played a more aggressive role in communities through a diversity of initiatives, including store-within-a-store services, community group buying, charity fundraising, and health check-ups. Taiwanese people have even given 7-Eleven the nickname "Little Seven," as if it is a personal friend indispensable in their daily lives. FamilyMart faced a big challenge: How to create a new brand experience to occupy an important position in the core of communities.