Cell phone use while driving is an ever-growing problem, increasing a driver's risk of a car crash by three times and in the case of texting while driving, increasing the risk up to 23 times. Fatalities in Washington from distracted driving increased by 32 percent from 2014 to 2015.

In 2017, C+C helped Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WSTC) launch the state's new distracted driving law that makes it illegal to hold or use a cell phone while driving. As part of the launch, C+C developed the campaign of On the Road, Off thePhone'm seven different languages.

In 2018, WTSC followed up with a spring campaign under the overall campaign umbrella, encouraging mothers of young children to avoid distracted driving. The campaign, which was developed and implemented in English and Spanish, ran for three weeks from March 22 - April 15,2018 (coinciding with April's National Distracted Driving Awareness Month).

The Goals

Campaign Objectives:

  • Decrease cell phone use by drivers. Baseline: In 2017, 5.7% of WA drivers were observed holding or manipulating their phones at any one time.
  • Continue to raise awareness of the new distracted driving law
  • Encourage positive driving behavior messages that complement high-visibility law enforcement period