Campaign details

Brand: Fundación Banco de Bosques
Brand owner: Fundación Banco de Bosques
Lead agency: Wunderman BA
Country: Argentina
Industries: Charities & voluntary organisations
Media channels: Online video, Radio & audio, Social media, Websites & microsites
Budget: No budget

Executive summary

Argentina is one of the most deforested countries in the world, endangering the lives of hundreds of species. We had to show people that helping could be as easy as waking up.

Together with Fundación Banco de Bosques, a non-governmental organisation that battles against deforestation, we launched EcoAlarm: a mobile alarm clock that reproduces true native forest sounds through Spotify, generating royalties for the NGO.

Thanks to EcoAlarm, every time thousands of people woke up, they remembered the importance of the battle against deforestation and that, at the same time, they were helping to preserve forest and Argentine species without leaving their beds.

Market background and objectives