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TikTok's user activity has overtaken YouTube's in the United States and UK, though the app still lags behind in South Korea and Japan, according to an analysis of Android devices by App Annie.

TikTok users in the US spent about 25 hours on the app in June 2021, an increase of 51% from the end of 2019. This is ahead of YouTube's 23 hours, a level that has been stable over the past year and a half.

This gap is even larger in the UK, where users spent 26 hours on TikTok in June compared to just 16 hours on YouTube. This follows a period of rapid growth for TikTok, with user activity rising by 81% since December 2019. YouTube consumption has remained flat over the same period.

YouTube remains in the lead in South Korea, though, where users spent 39 hours on the app in June 2021. This is more than double the figure for TikTok, at 15 hours. However, TikTok has seen strong growth, rising by 90%.

The same trend is visible in Japan – YouTube user activity (25 hours) is almost double TikTok's (13 hours). Both apps have seen strong growth in consumption, with TikTok up by 53% and YouTube rising by 28% since December 2019.

Both platforms are expected to benefit from a shift in marketing budgets, with online video, influencer content and social media seeing the greatest planned increase in 2022. However, while 72% of marketers think TikTok advertising is innovative, just 28% say it is trustworthy. YouTube finds more of a balance between trust and innovation.

For YouTube, the quickest growth is coming from connected TV devices, while TikTok is expanding its user base to older audiences. Additional research shows most TikTok users are female and younger, while YouTube is more popular with male and older audiences.