7-Eleven, the international convenience store brand, is betting on its enormous bricks and mortar footprint and high brand trust to bring the remote regions of the Philippines into the e-commerce age, according to the company's CEO in the country, Victor Paterno.

In an initiative launched in September 2017, local 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines are now acting as a purchase and distribution point for online shopping purchases across the country. 7-Eleven's highly efficient logistics operation – most stores are restocked daily from warehouses nationwide - will allow customers to receive goods purchased via online kiosks in 7-Eleven stores as soon as the next day in metro areas, and within just a few days in more remote areas.

"30 million people, we estimate, live within a kilometre of a 7-Eleven (in the Philippines) and we send trucks to those 2,100 stores every day. We've got a very efficient and very low-cost supply chain," Paterno said in an exclusive interview with Warc.com on the sidelines of the Seamless Philippines event in Manila.