Top five business metrics to track the strength of your brand

This article outlines five business metrics that provide a good all-round view of brand health and the predictability of which has been proven against historical data.

In the complex marketing world, metrics that give a quick view of the health of different aspects of brand performance are an important part of a marketer’s armoury. These key performance indicators (KPIs) can range from business metrics through to m

It is difficult to define a ubiquitous set of KPIs that will fit the bill for all brands. The nature of the category (e.g. service vs product), brand objectives (i.e. brand building vs short-term focus) and competitive context all have an impact on which KPIs a brand team would focus on. However, there are some key points to make on selecting the right KPIs.Identifying and monitoring the most relevant brand health metrics can help brands to realise a competitive advantage. It is not only useful for rationalising historical performance, it also enables brands to respond quickly to changing market dynamics and improve business performance in the future.