WARC Talks: Creative effectiveness

In this episode of the WARC Podcast, WARC talks creative effectiveness with Shazia Ginai, CEO of Neuro-Insight UK and Todd Sussman, Chief Strategy Officer at FCB New York.

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00:58 – Analysing the Cannes Creative Effectiveness winners from a neuroscientific perspective. 02:58 – Building emotional connections with consumers. 07:35 – Deep-dive into Whopper Detour. 13:21 – The results of Whopper Detour. 16:20 – Getting to a creative idea from a “mundane” brief. 19:13 – The science behind why Whopper Detour works. 22:14 – Why do you think it’s important to establish a clear link between creativity and effectiveness? 25:21 – Creativity, effectiveness and diversity. 28:44 – How have some campaigns succeeded with topical content that was simultaneously controversial? 33:29 – What about Dream Crazy appealed to the human brain and led to its global success? 36:15 – Risk-taking in communications.