Campaign details

Brand: Lifebuoy
Brand owner: Unilever
Lead agency: Wunderman Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Industries: Bath toiletries, soaps
Media channels: Online video, Search marketing, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

During Ramadan and with the market declining, Lifebuoy had to find a smarter way to gain market share.

Research showed that during Ramadan people were more prone to infections due to the social character of the month. Also, consumption of online content increased during this period. This created the perfect opportunity for the brand to act as a reminder to its consumers to stay germ-free, without getting in their way.

Through a data-driven approach, 45 different reminders were developed and deployed across 43 different targeting moments.

This campaign helped the brand gain 4.1% market share in the most cluttered month of the year in the Middle East, by using the budget smartly.

Market background and cultural context

The brand was facing a tough situation