Effective Use of Partnerships & Sponsorships

How collaborations with third parties, including native advertising and sponsorships, have helped brands meet business goals.

Grand Prix


Successful Sponsorship Special Award

SKODA UK: #ThisIsOurTime

Agencies PHD UK, FUSE
Advertiser Volkswagen Group
Country United Kingdom

ŠKODA leveraged its cycling heritage and sponsorship of the Tour de France to provoke conversations about gender inequality in the sport.

It launched a content-led campaign, #ThisIsOurTime, to stimulate conversation around the absence of a women’s Tour de France by telling the story of Donnons des Elles au Velos J-1, an all-female cycling team assembled to ride the entire Tour de France the day before the men.

By giving female cyclists content platforms on which to tell stories designed to inspire and provoke debate, #ThisIsOurTime reaffirmed ŠKODA’s links to cycling while stimulating conversation about an under-discussed issue.


The Away Game

Tim Hortons: The Away Game

Brand Tim Hortons
Agencies Zulu Alpha Kilo, UM
Advertiser Tim Hortons
Country Canada, United States

Tim Hortons, the restaurant chain, leveraged a favourite pastime - hockey - with The Away Game campaign to reverse declining brand sentiment in Canada.

Boca vs. River – The match of the century

Axe: Boca vs. River – The match of the century

Brand Axe
Agency Initiative
Advertiser Unilever
Country Argentina

Male grooming brand Axe used football sponsorship to increase awareness and growth in Argentina.


OMO: Project NEMO – Take Dirt to Give Dirt

Brand OMO
Agencies Mindshare Vietnam, Click Media
Advertiser Unilever
Country Vietnam

Live Nation x Carlsberg: Music Festival Activations

Brand Live Nation x Carlsberg
Agency Live Nation Marketing Partnerships
Advertiser Carlsberg Foundation and Carlsberg Shareholders
Country United Kingdom

Effective Native Special Award

Puck: Save The Cows

Brand Puck
Agency FP7 McCann Dubai
Advertiser Arla Foods
Country United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia

Volkswagen: Jump on the Wagen

Brand Volkswagen
Agency PHD
Advertiser Volkswagen
Country United States

KFC: Colonel KI

Brand KFC
Agency Mindshare
Advertiser Yum China
Country China

5 Gum: Bounce 2.0 Campaign

Brand 5 Gum
Agency MediaCom China
Advertiser Mars Wrigley
Country China


L'Oréal: Infallible over Hotpot

Brand L'Oréal
Agency Mindshare China
Advertiser L'Oréal
Country China

Collaboration with an Influencer Special Award

Nescafé: Luo Tianyi

Brand Nescafé
Agency Mindshare
Advertiser Nestlé
Country China

Sting: Espresso Stopover

Brand Sting
Agency Mindshare Vietnam
Advertiser Sunstory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage
Country Vietnam

Zhonghua: How Zhonghua Shone Through

Brand Zhonghua
Agency PHD China
Advertiser Unilever
Country China

Interac: Earning Curve

Brand Interac
Agencies Zulu Alpha Kilo, Media Experts
Advertiser Interac Corps.
Country Canada, United States


Helmet Hijack

Brand Head & Shoulders
Agency MediaCom
Advertiser Procter & Gamble
Country Vietnam

Max Your Summer

Brand Pepsi Max
Agencies PHD, PepsiCo
Advertiser PepsiCo
Country Australia

Gold Spirit

Brand Wall’s
Agency Mindshare Indonesia
Advertiser Unilever
Country Indonesia

Carpool Talk

Brand Ford Everest
Advertiser Ford Vietnam
Country Vietnam

Famous Names

Brand Skinny
Agencies PHD New Zealand, Colenso BBDO
Advertiser Spark NZ
Country New Zealand

Bye Bye Beetle

Brand Volkswagen Beetle
Agency PHD China
Advertiser Volkswagen
Country China

Dare to Become

Brand Nike World Cup
Agency Mindshare
Advertiser Nike
Country China


Special Awards

Successful Sponsorship Award – for the best example of a brand effectively aligning itself with, for instance, an entertainment property or a sporting event

Effective Native Award – for the best example of a native campaign that helped a brand meet its business objectives

Collaboration with an Influencer Award – for the most effective partnership with an influencer appropriate for the target market


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