A Small Rock Holds Back a Great Wave: Unleashing Our Potential

Judith Passingham

Bill Blyth


The objective of this paper is to make the case for change: change in the way we think, and in the way we act as a profession. We will argue that we have changed too little in a world that has been altering at a rapid pace. However, we will further argue that the change required relates to the fundamentals of how we do what we already do, rather than change in what we do. Indeed with regard to what we do, we argue that market research is well equipped intellectually to face the challenge of the new digital world. In order to make real progress, we need to emulate our clients in thinking and behaving as responsible global service providers working to common standards, producing demonstrably good quality products that are inter-operative, with shared underlying learnings across many areas. Our journey to arrive at this destination will take us a long way- let's begin our voyage.