ad:tech Chicago 2009: Tweet Success - How Brands Can Leverage Twitter

Geoffrey Precourt

Even after 44.5 million unique visitors (and counting), no one has figured out how to monetize Twitter. But, said Craig Greenfield of Performics at an ad:tech Chicago panel session all about the marketing potential of the microblogging platform, "you can't ignore 3,000-percent year-to-year growth [and that] a number of brands are figuring out ways in which they can leverage their brands with by Tweeting."

In a laundry list of applications, Greenfield included:

  • Direct sales - such as Dell's realization of $3 million through Twitter promotions.
  • Reputation management - like Southwest Airlines' use of the channel to manage consumer expectations around maintenance issues when a large hole appeared in the cabin of a plane in flight.
  • Customer service - illustrated by Comcast's 'comcastcares' team of 10 service representatives which has responded to some 30,000 public tweets and received about 6,000 emails every month.