4A's Transformation 2010: What peacock brands can learn from ornithology

Geoffrey Precourt

The 4A's major annual event in April 2010 focused on transformation - a theme that came to glue the program together over three days in San Francisco.

"The business of media and advertising had been rapidly transforming all around us - and that change has been accelerating over the past 20 years," Nancy Hill, 4A's president/ceo told an opening-day audience at Transformation 2010. "In many ways the 4A's was an organization that was simply unprepared to effectively lead in the 20th century, let alone in the 21st century, because we hadn't - or didn't have to - call in to question even the most basic things about how we did what we did."

In late 2009, the 4A's began working on an element of the conference that would underscore its commitment to change, not just in the shape of the annual meeting but in its content as well.