Powermat: Driving brand awareness through a location-based mobile app

Geoffrey Precourt

At the third-annual Mobile Marketplace conference of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Hans Fredericks, vp/marketing solutions at comScore, made the argument that mobile devices are now so pervasive in the US that they've created a number of secondary societal effects.

He estimated the audience of users over the age of 13 at 234 million; of those, 45% own handsets with 3G capability (an increase of 26% over the same time in 2090); 24% have unlimited data plans (a year-to-year increase of 51%); and 21% have smartphones (68% higher).

Usage is a strong driver of mobile popularity. "People are using them for a lot more than just making phone calls," Fredericks explained, In fact, only 32% of Americans are using their cell phones as a telephone only. "68% are doing some sort of texting, using an app, or browsing. 21% of mobile users are using their devices to access social networks - an increase of 85% over last year."