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While the cinema experience – a darkened room, immersive sound and the biggest media screen – hasn't changed hugely in the past 100 years, the impact that it drives has magnified intensely. As more media channels offer more choice and clutter, cinema can help make brands famous through a unique, immersive experience that engages audiences.


Cinema advertising can be defined as a shared media experience in an uncluttered environment where people have actually paid to pay attention.

Audience engagement can be achieved through both on- and off-screen advertising opportunities to allow brands to reach their target audience. On-screen opportunities, which account for the majority of cinema ad spend include the main playlist, premium positions, live ads, bespoke idents, 3D, 4D and sponsored content such as film seasons and preview screenings. Off-screen opportunities include foyer display advertising, digital OOH, experiential, bar sponsorships and mobile.

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