Campaign details

Advertiser: Newsan
Brand: Noblex
Agency: DAVID Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina

2018 was the year of the FIFA football World Cup. Historically the most watched event in Argentina, a country that breathes football. No need to say it's high season for electronics retail.

Noblex is an Argentine TV manufacturer competing with Samsung, Sony and LG, offering a product that's similar in quality and in price (10% cheaper on average). But when it comes to technology, consumers prefer Asian brands.

The brand is the official sponsor of the national football team, but again they were competing against juggernauts in the advertising arena such as Coca-Cola and AB InBev. Amid all this, the campaign faced the challenge of relying on the brand's association to football to attract potential clients.

To make things even more complex, three matches before the end of the South American qualifiers to the World Cup, the Argentine National Team was left with zero margin for error and little chances to qualify. Sponsor Campaigns were supposed to run in March 2018 (two months prior to the World Cup), but this was September 2017 and there were serious chances of not making it to Russia. So the brand was forced to react.