Agency: David


2018 is the year of the football World Cup. Historically the most watched event in Argentina, a country that breathes football. No need to say it's high season for electronics retail.

Noblex is an Argentine TV manufacturer competing with Samsung, Sony and LG; offering a product that's similar in quality and in price. But when it comes to technology consumers prefer Asian brands. To make things even more complex, there was a latent possibility that the Argentine team did not qualify for the World Cup in Russia.


The campaign was targeted to football fans considering to renew their TVs before the World Cup. Those who thought the team was going to make it and those who thought the opposite too. While most brands panicked, (national and global, sponsors and non-sponsors) Noblex saw a unique opportunity for themselves.

Official Sponsors like Coca-Cola and Inbev went into complete communication silence being Noblex the only supporter to stand up for the national team with the bold proposition of tying their business to their sport result. With Argentina classified to the world cup, the enormous risk of the bet became an immense capital for the brand.

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