Campaign details

Agency: Armadillo

To make McDonald's Monopoly the UK's biggest sales promotion – and a record-breaking one.

Exciting customers to play the game would encourage as many restaurant visits as possible and grow the opted-in database - all whilst facing the challenges brought by GDPR.


The campaign was planned in three phases, each with its own objective and behavioural data-driven strategy.

Get ready to win: a pre-launch phase designed to rev-up the anticipation and excitement of what was coming.

Die-hard fans of the game were invited to preview and share with others, and awareness was built amongst dabblers and non-players to leverage anticipation to drive data collection from new customers.

Get the winning feeling: Believability of winning was crucial to success, so regular messages focused on using real-time prize totalisers and reminders of ways to play

Keep the winning feeling: The real intelligence came through highly personalised player journeys.