Ellithorpe, Hennessy and Bleakley


  • Black adolescent audiences, especially those who have strong ethnic identity, perceive Black-oriented media to be targeted toward them.
  • White adolescent audiences generally perceive Black-oriented media to be targeted toward anyone.
  • Black-oriented content may find greater mainstream marketing success if advertisers target both Black and White audiences.


When Beyoncé released her hit single and related video, “Formation,” and performed the song at the 2016 Super Bowl, some controversy arose because of the way the song, video, and performance highlighted the U.S pop and R&B singer's Black heritage (Osterheldt, 2016; Robinson, 2016). Some reactions seemed to imply that the audience had forgotten that Beyoncé is, in fact, Black. Shortly after the Super Bowl, the late-night TV show “Saturday Night Live” aired a skit called “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black” (Anderson, 2016; Holywood Reporter, 2016) The most relevant segment of the skit is when a White character says, “Maybe this song isn’t for us?” and another replies in a panic, “But usually everything is!”