Campaign details

Brand: Neutrogena
Lead Agency: UM
Region: LATAM



Neutrogena is a personal care brand that struggles with poor results among Argentinian's Top of Mind. Fighting the big brands with 7% of investment share gets pretty difficult.

We had to find a way for consumers to discover Neutrogena's high performance, lift sales and climb the TOM.

To add some drama, we know how difficult it is for women to switch their everyday beauty brand for a new expensive one, even though Neutrogena delivers better product performance! According to TGI, Argentinian women are faithful consumers: 82% of them trust just one Brand to fulfill their category needs.

Target Audience

Upper-middle class women between 18-34 years old. Interested in personal care, trends, lifestyle and beauty. Results driven and establishing her life priorities: university, career, self-development and style/appearance.