Campaign details

Brand: Rexona
Lead Agency: Initiative
Region: LATAM



To communicate Rexona's (Sure in the UK) brand purpose, improving brand perception and retaining market share.

Rexona believes that the more you move, the more you live.

That's why Rexona's motion sense technology is activated by movement, keeping you fresh, especially when you move.

Target Audience

Rexona is an anti-perspirant brand for men and women. So, any human being +20 years old, with an armpit and living in Argentina is our target audience. Our strategy had to be broad, get to the Argentineans passion points and with a theme that would catch them.

Creative Strategy

This is a case about how we managed to build brand perception and, at the same time, keep market share within the context of an economic recession. Sounds impossible? Let's take a look:

  • Argentina was going through a very tough situation after a year with a 40% inflation and a 5.9% consumption decrease. 
  • New and inexpensive brands where appearing in the market, increasing their market share by almost 900%. 
  • Rexona was the market leader in Argentina and its marketing challenge was to keep the leadership and at the same time communicate its brand purpose: "The more you Move, The more you Live".