Agency: PHD Media, Malaysia

The Summary Statement

Faced with a slow-down in automotive car sales in 2017 and being over-shadowed by dominant Japanese car markets like Toyota and Honda; VW was not able to win during heavy car sales period. To win, VW needed an innovative idea to out-smart competition. Hence birth, Malaysia's first-ever brand to sell 12 cars online in a single day! The strategy was simple, capitalize on Malaysian's rising love for e-commerce shopping and 'special e-commerce sale days' the likes of 12.12.

VW partnered with Lazada to offer Malaysians their first opportunity to buy a 12.12 limited edition Beetle on Lazada! The execution was nothing but simple; layered with clever data-marketing targeting approaches; smart media flighting strategy to build anticipation & buzz and real-time agility in optimizations to maximize conversions on sale day. The results were phenomenal with 12 VW cars sold in less than 20 minutes on 12.12.17; that's a record-breaking 100% sales conversion!

Criteria 1: Campaign Strategy