KAYAK Helps US Soccer Fans Find A New Fandom

KAYAK, a fare aggregator and travel metasearch engine, used the 2018 FIFA World Cup to encourage people to search for travel by creating a matchmaker app that provided US soccer fans with a surrogate team to support during the tournament.

Situation Analysis

Online travel agents (OTAs) emerged in the 1990s, offering a quicker way to find deals and book travel. Since then, they've multiplied and blended together, ruining efficiencies and introducing uneasiness in the booking process.

On a mission to combat this uncertainty, helps people make confident travel decisions by putting all the options in one place - even the competition - and providing data tools to filter, predict and explore. But introducing people to KAYAK's "one and done" difference is challenging in a crowded category where competitors' marketing budgets are north of $5 billion.