Thailand 2020: Principles for Marketing Success

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Go back 15 years and retail in Thailand was simple. And predicting the future of retail seemed simple too. Big box retailers were the dominant force: Tesco, Casino (Big C) and Carrefour vied for market share using the same strategies that were working so well for them elsewhere in the world. Big stores, great locations, sharp price. The magic mantra of curation, convenience and price was working in Thailand: surely it was only a matter of time before all retail competition was crushed under the steamroller of 'progress'. And this wasn't just Thailand. Around the world the hypermarket/superstore was seen to be the pre-eminent retail model, because that was the way people wanted to shop. Or so people believed. Then a few years ago, in Thailand as around the world, something strange started to happen. Retail began to change.

The one-stop-shop juggernaut